Joel Chaim Holtzman

Illustrator / Concept Artist


Amorges of the Azure Horde

550 BC, Babylon

After a bloody siege, The alliance of the Scythian hordes and Persians ravaged the once invincible Babylon. Amorges, in the manner of the Scythian, rained death from his saddle, amongst the Wicked, upon the Sinners. His winged companions, Gog and Magog, clawed, bit and ripped apart all that stood in their way, soaring on the heat of the flames around them. On his armor, and on his face Amorges donned the Shade of Black of the Tribe of Joseph, descendants of the Patriarch Jacob, as a reminder of a divine but forgotten heritage.

A heritage he would meet again in the burning ashes of Babylon, standing proud and unshackled from the Babylonian Tyranny. An Empire so vile and godless was wiped of the face of the earth, and from its ashes the Persian Achaemenid Empire would rise. Those previously captured would have their freedom returned. But for how long, until such a new great nation will be corrupted by the Heritage of Babylon?

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