Joel Chaim Holtzman
Illustrator / Concept Artist

Court of Belphegor

Genesis 6:2-5

Known as Pan by the Greeks, Khnum by the Egyptians and the Androgyne Baphomet by the Knights Templar. Belphegor was struck onto earth and doomed to wander the lands of man, giving his occult knowledge to the people who he deemed worthy or impressed him in any way.

Rumours say that Belphegor was the one who gave the Knights Templar the power and position that eventually rivalled the catholic church itself, prompting the latter to completely cleanse the Templars from existence.

After these events Belphegor went into hiding, and kept offering his knowledge to those who were ambitious enough to search his secret court and he deemed worthy. And thus, Belphegor among the fallen angels who were responsible for the enlightenment, striking a fatal blow to the church who hunted him down like an animal.

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