Joel Chaim Holtzman
Illustrator / Concept Artist

Joel Holtzman is an illustrator / Concept Artist based in the Netherlands. With a passion for art since a young age, around his twenties he began to paint more intensely with acrylics and oils, until he found his favourite medium which he uses to this day as a professional artist; Digital painting. His greatest influences are fantasy, mythology, history and the grotesque.

For commisions, mentorships and other questions, please contact Joel by mail.


Notable Artist Interviews



Be Creative: The Ultimate Guide to Photoshop: Issue 7

Notable Work:

Dust of Many (Promotional art)

Elements of Adventure (Illustration)

Rekindle (Film Concept Art)

When the Sky Falls (Book Cover)

Brave New World (Book Cover)

Under the Splintered Mountains (Book Cover)

The Irredeemable (Book Cover)

Plague (Book Cover)

The Monster Inside (Book Cover)

Half as Long, Twice as Bright (Book Cover)

Dirge of Caragore (Concept Art / Illustrations)

Agressive Impact: Threads of Tyrus (Illustrations)

The Ranger and the Thief: An Azteroki Legend (Book Cover)

Empyrean chronicles (Concept Art)

Metalcon 2 (Festival promotional art)

Metalcon 1 (Festival promotional art)

Junkie and the Halo (Album Illustration)

Manica (Album Illustration)

Faith Ablaze (Album Illustration)

Ill Fittings (Album Illustration)

Unseen Perception (Album Illustration)