Joel Chaim Holtzman

Illustrator / Concept Artist

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Macmillan, Marvel, Legendary Entertainment, Paizo, Games-Workshop, Lucasfilm, Disney, Richard Garriot, Fantasy Flight Games, Tor Books, Loch Lomond Whiskey, Asmodee Editions, Arcane Tinmen, Hitpoint Press, Monte Cook Games, Monolith Board Games, Acheron Games, Dragonsteel Books, Upperdeck, and many more

Notable Work


Loch Lomond Whiskey: Glen Scotia packaging art 3

Portal Books: NDA Project

Brotherwise Games: NDA Project

Zamil Akhtar: Gunmetal Gods Special Edition Book Art

Monte Cook Games: Adventures in the Cypher System Bestiary

Monte Cook Games: Adventures in the Cypher System Characters

Creative Point Capital LLC: NDA Project

Monolith Board Games: NDA Project

Board & Dice: NDA Project

Brotherwise Games: Stormlight Archive RPG

The Madness of Chartrulean: Promotional & Key Art

Monte Cook Games: Rust & Redemption

Loch Lomond Whiskey: Glen Scotia packaging art 2

Monolith Board Games: Legend of the Five Rings

Josiah B Losell: Legend of Tal: A Kings Bargain Deluxe edition Interior art

Portal Books: Gene Harvest Cover Art

Monte Cook Games: Numenera; The Glimmering Vale

Chaosium: Call of Cthulhu: Arkham

Acheron Games: Lex Arcana

Andrea Manfredini: A Thousand Eyes in the Night Book Cover

Troll Lord Games: Monsters & Treasure of Aihrde

Troll Lord Games: The Codex of Aihrde

Anthony Wedgeworth: Fate of Thorik 1 Book Promo Art

Anthony Wedgeworth: Fate of Thorik 2 Book Promo Art

Wraithmarked: Book Interior Artwork 1

Troll Lord Games: Promotional Artwork

Ice Makes Studios: Epochs: Course of Cultures Board Game Art

Paul Leone: The Third Crown and Other Weird Tales art


Ice Makes Studios: Epochs: Course of Cultures Board Game Art

Wraithmarked: Product Artwork

Loch Lomond Whiskey: Glen Scotia: The Mermaid (Packaging Art)

Asobimo: Against War

Ryan Cahill: Of War and Ruin 3: In the Bound and Broken

Troll Lord Games: Amazing Adventures

Monte Cook Games: Adventures in the Cypher System

Portal Books: Heroes of Mortalla (The Lights Gambit #1) by Jonathan Smidt.

Dante King: The Swordmage Book Cover

Postworld Games: Cults

Riftweaver: Fablecraft

Marvel Entertainment: 2023 Upper Deck Marvel Flair Hobby Box

Whojo: 1302 Guldensporenslag

Taran Matharu: Book Promo Art

Hitpoint Press: Humblewood

PlayPlusOne: NDA Project

Castles and Crusades: A Gathering Storm

Upper Deck: NDA Marvel project 1

Upper Deck: NDA Marvel project 2

Upper Deck: NDA Marvel project 3

Upper Deck: NDA project

STAIY: Displate Artwork

Wraithmarked: Book project


Epiphany Entertainment: Beyond the Black Sea

Apegames: Dealers in Hope

Path of the Planebreaker: Players Handbook Cover

Castles and Crusades: Players Handbook

Tor Books: The Eye of Scales (Richard Garriot)

STAIY: Displate Artwork

Draco Studios: Dragonbond

Epiphany Games: Alderaban RPG

Arcane Minis: Airship Campaigns (Art Director & Illustrator)

Les 12 Singes: Cryptomancer

Draco Studios: Eldtritch Century

Raven King Press: RPG character design

Angel of Death (Book Cover)

Game Art Tech

Draco Studios: Great Wyrms of Drakha

Nord Games: Dangerous Destinations

Hitpoint Press: Free RPG Day


Fey Compendium IV: Winter Fey

Dune: Adventures in the Imperium

Fireforge Games: Western European Knights

Fey Compendium III: The Frightful Fae

Arcane Minis: Airship Campaigns (Illustrator & Art Director)

Arcane Minis: Skies of Sordane (Art Director)

Nord Games: Ultimate Guide to Alchemy

The Sidhe (5e supplement)

The Wild Hunt (5e supplement)

Castles and Crusades: The Ebon Staff

Warhammer Fantasy RPG: Death on the Reik

Castles and Crusades: A Stranger Among Us

Ulisses Spiele: Magic of Aventuria

Darkage: Concept Art



Conan the Barbarian RPG: Kull of Atlantis

Dreaded Accursed RPG

Big Book of Big Bads RPG

Star Wars Game (title reveal sooon)

Torg: Cyberpapacy

Warhammer 40k: Wrath and Glory

Torg: When Cosms Collide

Arcane Tinmen: Playmat

Treacherous Traps RPG

Lone Wolf RPG

ApeGames: Dealers in Hope

Caglararts: Gokturk

Dark Ages: Heritage of Charlemagne

Dark Ages: Holy Roman Empire

Modern Age RPG

Pathfinder: Midwives to Death

Pathfinder: Borne by the Sun's Grace


Pathfinder: Gardens of Gallowspire

Conan the Barbarian RPG: Conan The King

Conan the Barbarian RPG: Conan The Adventurer

Conan the Barbarian RPG: Conan The Scout

Conan the Barbarian RPG: Conan The Wanderer

Pathfinder: Last Watch

Pathfinder: Eulogy of Roslar's Coffer

Pathfinder: The Dead Roads

Mythology and Fiction Explained: Greek Mythology Explained

Pathfinder: Temple of the Peacock spirit

Ascendant Destiny RPG

Conan the Barbarian RPG: Conan The Brigand

Call of Cthulhu: Terror Australis

Pathfinder: Sandpoint, Light of the Lost Coast

Brothers Paul: A Glimpse of Luna

Conan the Barbarian RPG: Nameless Cults

Pathfinder: The Six-Legend Soul

Call of Cthulhu: Scritch Scratch

Code Orange Games: Colission Miniatures (Concept art)


Volterra: NDA Film Project (Film Concept Art)

A Song in the Dark (Book Cover)

Dust of Many (Promotional art)

Elements of Adventure (Illustration)

Rekindle (Film Concept Art)

Midknight story (Video Game Art)

When the Sky Falls (Book Cover)

Under the Splintered Mountains (Book Cover)


The Irredeemable (Book Cover)

Plague (Book Cover)

The Monster Inside (Book Cover)

Half as Long, Twice as Bright (Book Cover)

Dirge of Caragore (Concept Art / Illustrations)

Agressive Impact: Threads of Tyrus (Illustrations)

The Ranger and the Thief: An Azteroki Legend (Book Cover)


Empyrean chronicles (Concept Art)

Metalcon 2 (Festival promotional art)

Metalcon 1 (Festival promotional art)

Junkie and the Halo (Album Illustration)

Manica (Album Illustration)



Faith Ablaze (Album Illustration)

Ill Fittings (Album Illustration)

Unseen Perception (Album Illustration)

Artist Interviews

Glen Scotia Whiskey: The Mermaid Interactive Experience
ImagineFx: Issue 226: AI's Missing Narrative
Board & Dice - Dark Ages Kickstarter
ImagineFx: Issue 176: FXPosé
Apex Magazine: Issue 112
Le Grog: (in French)
Be Creative: The Ultimate Guide to Photoshop: Issue 7

Notable Appearances


SAE Institute Amsterdam: Art Teacher (Art & Design)


Dutch Comic Con: Dissecting my art Masterclass

Dutch Comic Con: Fundamentals Masterclass

SAE Institute: Fundamentals Masterclass


SAE Institute: Concept Art Masterclass

Dutch Winter Con: Fundamentals Masterclass & Booth

Elfia Arcen (Booth)

Amsterdam Comic Con (Booth)

Elfia Haarzuilens (Booth)


Dutch Winter Con (Booth)

Terneuzen Comic Con (Booth)

Breda Comic Con (Booth)

Utrecht Artistic Comic Con (Booth)


Breda Comic Con (Booth)

Kampen Comic Con (Booth)

Gooische Comic Con (Booth)