Joel Chaim Holtzman

Illustrator / Concept Artist

Skype Mentorship

Pursuant to having taught the fundamentals of Art and Design the SAE institute in Amsterdam, and given various masterclasses at the Dutch Comic Con, I am now happy to be offering one on one online mentorships. I am providing dedicated artists an opportunity to better themselves in their craft and as a person. The process goes beyond mere instruction, and instead offers guidance for artists to ask themselves the right questions, in order for them to be able to grow and settle into the field they desire.


- Work evaluation: We will look at your work made so far and assess your current development.

- Critique session: Live critique sessions focused on your work including paint-overs, redlines and demonstrations.

- Conventions: We will talk about your options of getting the most out of conventions, potentially sell your art, and make valuable contacts.

- Demonstration: Demonstrations of techniques will be made accompanied by insights into tools of the trade.

- Web presence: We will work on improving your online networking ability and your web presence in general.

Pricing and schedule

EUR 500/month

We will schedule a time to meet once a week through Skype for the minimum of an hour to talk about your process, provide you demos and improving the artist in you in general. You will also be able to email/message me anytime.

You can apply through email:

Looking forward to meet you!